We are the Young Entrepreneurs Association - AJOEM

Since 2014, the young entrepreneurs association AJOEM is a platform where young entrepreneurs can connect with educational and entrepreneurial activities, such as entrepreneurial Workshops, Seminars, Scholarships, seed capital, incubation programs and all the tools for entrepreneurs with just one business idea ready to develop.
Already an entrepreneur or you want to be one?

At AJOEM we have resources to help you start a new business, or if you already have a business, we can help you grow with our allies in Panama, United States and Israel. Applu to our Incubation or acceleration programs.

Tax deductible sponsorships for enterprises, Social responsability and Innovation.

We want to educate more young entrepreneurs, support our alliance to boost entrepreneurship in the youth of Panama. Tax-deductible CSR plans in Panama by the DGI.

What we do for our young entrepreneurs

Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and activities to educate young entrepreneurs.
Professional Consultants
Lawyers, Financial consultants, developers, Innovation consultants, technology, graphic design, digital marketing and more.
Co working spaces and private offices
At the AJOEM Headquarters, you can find the Hatch Innovation Lab Panama City, a innovation center with co working spaces for AJOEM members.
Incubation program for Entrepreneurs
During the incubation program, the entrepreneurs will develop step by step their business model with experienced advisors throughout the incubation process, resulting in the validation of the business model in the target market.

AJOEM now has more than 4 years Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem for young entrepreneurs

Since 2014, we began a series of steps aimed at strengthening an entrepreneurial culture among the youth of Panama, encouraging and promoting entrepreneurship through social investors that help us to train and support young people who are directed to AJOEM with innovative ideas focused on technology, social innovation, educational projects, environmental and commercial project. AJOEM is a seedbed of entrepreneurs.





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Our value proposition

The value proposition of AJOEM is the alliance to boost entrepreneurship in Panama, a public - private initiative, that canalize technical and economical resources from University, Enterprises, Government and the Community, to create an all in one growth services platform for entrepreneurs, from the Idea to StartUp.

Colaboration is the key so that more young entrepreneurs can receive education and can aspire to be entrepreneurs Sponsor us

AJOEM Headquarters

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